About this guide

A great deal of dietary advice in IBD focuses on the elimination of a single food group. I believe that the really important thing is to understand how the combination of different food groups and the way they are cooked, affects our bodies in IBD. The Dietary Modification Framework (DMF) was developed as comprehensive dietary advice that understands these factors in the ‘real world’ and gives a framework to predict the effects of particularfoods & food groups on IBD. 

I wanted to produce an accessible guide informed by the published research I have been involved in and based upon the advice I give at my clinic in the Nuffield Hospital, Leicester. The download is a collection of specific advice and guidance for the management of IBD flare symptoms by the use of diet.  It is not designed to replace prescribed therapy but to enhance it. 

 The guide not only outlines the foods that will be helpful but also the reasons why they help.  The guide provides a 14-day meal plan for use during a flare and a comprehensive guide of the foods to avoid and include during a flare. This approach is effective and will help you regain control of your symptoms.

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