About me

Dr Tanya Moshkovska


Although i have lived and worked in UK for the last 10 years, I am Ukrainian and it was in Ukraine that I studied as a medical doctor.  Originally a cardiologist by profession, when I moved to UK I moved into medical research.  My passion for symptom relief through diet developed within my work at the Digestive Diseases Centre in Leicester. The subject of diet and IBD is controversial for medics but my medical training in Eastern Europe continuously reinforced the importance of diet in all disease management.  

Following some early research undertaken in Leicestershire and following some great successes with patient symptom management in IBD, professor John Mayberry and I were commissioned by Proctor and Gamble pharmaceuticals to write their patient advice booklets for diet and UC and diet and Crohn's disease.  These went on to be one of the most requested patient booklets in the series and have been continued by Warner Chilcott Pharmaceuticals. 

I continue with my medical research and have recently completed (and published) a large scale study into patient medication taking behaviour and the strategies that are most effective in improving this.I have started an e-clinic to begin to provide individual, effective and affordable dietary advice and guidance using the Internet.  This makes advice available to all and I receive enquiries from all over the world in addition to patients in the UK. 

 This has proved an extremely popular and effective service.In conjunction with Nuffield hospital in Leicester, I also hold a clinic focussing on symptom management for all gastro conditions using diet. Have a look at my advice website at www.ibdcare.co.uk where you will find a great deal of information on symptom management through diet as well as information about why and how it can help. 

Changing what you eat, how you prepare it and when you eat it can help even in flare-ups Let me help you understand how it works. Download my flare management guide, book an on-line consultation or come and see me at my clinic in the Nuffield Hospital - Leicester

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