Dietary Modification Framework (DMF)

When we are ill the nutritional requirements of our bodies can change significantly. So a ‘healthy’ diet for a healthy person will differ from a ‘healthy’ diet for someone with inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), which includes ulcerative colitis (UC) and Crohn’s disease.

I am sure that you have heard many conflicting descriptions of diets & to what degree they do or don’t work.

A great deal of dietary advice in IBD focuses on the elimination of a single food group. I believe that the really important thing is to understand how the combination of different food groups and the way they are cooked, affects our body’s in IBD.

The Dietary Modification Framework (DMF) was developed as comprehensive dietary advice that understands these factors in the ‘real world’ and gives a framework to predict the effects of particular foods & food groups on IBD.

Clinical studies have shown DMF to be effective in reducing IBD flare symptoms and of having a positive effect on quality of life. This approach forms the basis of my advice. I use it regularly with patients in my clinic at Nuffield Hospital in Leicester (UK) and my on-line / telephone clinic.

IBD – especially during flare up, significantly changes the body’s nutritional requirement. DMF is designed to guide you at different stages – including flare up, recovery and remission.  Changing what you eat, how you prepare it and when you eat it can help you significantly in the management of your IBD symptoms.

The advice I give is therefore tailored to you and the illness and symptoms that you are experiencing.

So DMF is:

  • An individually tailored (and changing) diet plan
  • A program that supports and compliments your prescribed treatment
  • Designed to help you control the symptoms of your illness rather than the illness controlling you
  • Informed by anatomy, physiology of digestion, biochemistry and research

  • Effective and may slow down or prevent the need for evermore powerful (& therefore more toxic) medication

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